public education partnerships

Public Education Partnerships

The HAB works with Hawaii radio and TV stations to help non-profits and state/federal agencies get their messages out to a wide audience. Read below to see if your organization qualifies to air an HAB PEP program!

The Hawaii Association of Broadcasters (HAB) is the broadcast trade association in Hawaii and is affiliated with The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). There are 50 state broadcasters’ associations plus one in Puerto Rico.

In 1936, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authorized a program allowing state broadcast trade associations to fundraise through Public Education Awareness sponsorship campaigns. The sponsorships, known as PEP (formerly referred to as NCSA) are available to non-profits, other trade associations, state and federal agencies.

Details of the PEP Sponsorship:

  • Campaigns are contracted on all participating radio and television stations
  • If a scheduled announcement is missed, it may be made good if needed to make ratio guarantee
  • An affidavit of performance (invoice) is generated by each station
  • Each station assigns a prevailing rate for each announcement that airs
  • HAB collects every contract and airtime affidavit
  • HAB tallies each station’s airtime affidavit
  • Every quarter, HAB sends a comprehensive report to the sponsor with monthly subtotals for radio and television and a grand total for the quarter outlining the value of the campaign. This includes a summary cover sheet (in all cases) and all station affidavits as documentation (if requested by sponsor)
  • All campaigns are for 30-second announcements


How the PEP program differs from a PSA campaign:

  • All announcements are contracted by stations at the request of HAB
  • If an announcement is missed, it will be made good if necessary to meet ratio guarantee
  • Sponsors receive affidavits or “proof” of performance (upon request)
  • There is a guaranteed delivery on investment

In Hawaii, the HAB airs its PEP sponsor campaigns on a minimum of 49 radio and 6 televisions stations statewide with the potential to reach all radio and television households. HAB guarantees the sponsor a minimum 3 to 1 rate of return on their investment.

For example if a sponsor’s investment is $30,000, they are guaranteed a minimum of $90,000 in value on the statewide radio and television campaign.


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If you are a non-profit or governmental agency, please contact James Reed for more information on this valuable program.

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Jamie Hartnett, Executive Director