Help Dealers Dominate Their Markets!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 – 7am HT

Presented by John Tkac, LBS Auto Expert and Former Automotive Dealer

When you come away from this presentation, you’ll be prepared to increase your dealers’ local market share, bring them automotive buyers faster, and deliver results that are superior to any other media company. Audience + Knowledge + Creative + Execution = Your success. Get the attention of your dealers’ customers and their¬† competitors’ customers with industry-leading campaigns and brand building. LBS auto expert, John Tkac, will be “live” to address current auto dealer opportunities and will take the time to answer your specific questions as well.

Register here for this valuable session http://localbroadcastsales.com/lbswebinars/.   We look forward to spending time with you during this intriguing webinar.

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Jamie Hartnett, Executive Director